One of the first questions I ask parents in our first consult is about their child’s eating habits.  The old adage, “you are what you eat” is so important, especially to a child’s behavior.  Recently I ran across this article and recommend it to parents with child who have behavioral issues.  Sometimes tweaking the meals or snacks can make a hug difference in a child’s overall behavior.

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Additives used in hundreds of children’s foods and drinks can cause temper tantrums and disruptive behaviour, researchers have found.Researchers found that children as young as three were more likely to lack concentration, lose their temper, interrupt others and struggle to get to sleep when they drank fruit juice dosed with colorings and preservatives. Food additives like these need to be removed from all foods, but especially the everyday foods and drinks which appeal to, and are marketed to, children. > Click Here to Read The Entire Article