One of the first questions I ask new Life Coaching clients is about their general health and any results from recent blood testing that could include thyroid functioning.  Recently I ran across this article and recommend it to anyone who might be concerned about the effect of thyroid on weight loss or general well-being.

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I am re-posting a classic Wheat Belly Blog post from a few years ago. Despite all our discussions about thyroid issues, there continues to be an enormous gap: undiagnosed hypothyroidism, gross mismanagement sufficient to impair weight loss and increase cardiovascular risk, and ignorance among healthcare providers. This Thyroid Tune-up is therefore an updated version of the previous post.

Imagine that all the cars in your neighborhood run poorly because nobody bothers to tune-up their autos. I show you how to tune your car and, lo and behold, 80% of the cars now run great. But 20% of cars still run poorly because their transmissions are bad. In other words, tuning the engine works when that’s the only problem with the car; if something else is wrong, then your car will not run properly.
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