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Life Coaching

Do you know someone who has difficulty “fitting in” at school or work?

Syndi has provided individual and group intervention for individuals with social cognitive deficits, learning challenges, social-emotional regulation, and support for those who have challenges with executive functioning skills.  She is a mentor for Michell Garcia Winner’s Social Thinking and has trained with Sarah Ward around executive functioning.  She uses a value-based assessment to determine goals.  Syndi has taught individuals of all ages and stages emotional regulation and coping skills using an assent-based approach.  She has over 25 years of experience in this area.  Prior to passing her BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst) exam, she worked as an Educational Therapist.  She has a master’s degree in human behavior development.  She is passionate about helping teach and support individuals to reach their potential.

What are Executive Functioning Skills:

The brain of human beings is designed to accomplish goals and smaller tasks by utilizing an extremely sophisticated set of cognitive skills referred to as Executive Functioning skills.

What is Executive Functioning?

This topic relates to three general areas:

  • Memory
  • Organization
  • Time Management

Then there are eleven sub skills the brain uses to help us determine which set of stimulus we need to pay attention to in order to complete a short task or a long-term goal.

What you might see in individuals with an Executive Functioning deficit:

  • Difficulty with filtering out unneeded information
  • Problems with attention- divided, sustained, selective, and alternating attention
  • Lack of organizational skills both internally and externally
  • Often forgets what they were doing
  • Difficulty with managing time, completing work in a timely manner
  • Inability to evaluate their own actions or how their actions may have been a part of a broader problem
  • Rigid or narrow thinking
  • Emotional reactions that do not fit the size of the problem or are either immature or overly mature for their age
  • Difficulty with thinking before acting and/or inhibiting a reaction
  • Having great ideas but can not seem to take the steps needed to get the job done
  • Using persistence in the face of obstacles

My specialized services can be a pathway to success for those with challenges like social cognition. Using a behavioral and/or a cognitive behavioral approach my clients succeed with a fast result driven change.

As a life coach, I take a goal oriented approach and a step by step path to meet client goals. I work with people of all ages from elementary school to adulthood.

Are you ready to change your life?