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Mission Statement

The mission of SEE FUN Social Emotional Executive Functioning programs is to provide a safe space for each unique individual to work on their individualized goals to achieve outcomes while working in best fit groups when appropriate. The SEE FUN Staff having expertise in a variety of areas plans to meet each individual’s needs by meeting the individual where they’re at and supporting them in achieving their goals as well as helping them acquire new skills that are both functional and meaningful.

What We Do

SEE FUN provides social emotional executive functioning teaching opportunities that service neurodiverse learners ages 4 through adult in a fun, comfortable environment with consideration for each individual’s unique needs as well as using the principles of ABA (applied behavioral analysis). Our SEE FUN Staff are trained in Social Skills Programs that include Social Thinking, Mission Cognition, and PEERS.

Sessions Offered




All of our services apply trauma informed, compassionate care and non-judgemental supports.

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